The Shorewood Games is a tradition that started 30 years ago. This year the games where organized by the Shorewood High School students, with support from the Shorewood School District staff, as a fundraiser to support the Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer (MACC) Fund.

untitled-2Shorewood students came up with the idea for the games to create unity amongst the student body and to help make the world a better place. They decided to raise money for the MACC Fund to support a classmate who was battling cancer. Years later, the tradition has continued, with the Games eventually getting on a regular cycle of being held once every four years, just like the Olympics. Shorewood students have collectively raised a total of over $325,000 for the MACC Fund through the Shorewood Games since 1986.

The Shorewood Games consist of a variety of fundraising activities throughout the school year, including friendly games and competitions between freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. This year the businesses of Shorewood where also asked to participate in the games. While working together, and also competing for the bragging rights, the Three Lions Pub was able to raise $1,000 in donations thanks to our gracious customers! It again shows the wonderful community the Three Lions Pub is proud to be apart of.