For the past 27 years the people of Milwaukee have been voting for what they feel is THE BEST the city has to offer in dining and drinking, shopping and health, education and politics. Though other publications have scrambled to keep up with their “best-ofs,” the Shepherd Express remains the city’s largest as ranked by the number of voters and by the value it brings to the winners. With over 362,000 participants casting their votes this year, the Shepherd Express hit one of their largest participation years to date. With this being said, the Three Lions Pub couldn’t be more honored to be named the Shepherd Express’ BEST BAR FOOD in Milwaukee and BEST SPORTS BAR in Milwaukee for 2016!


“Scour the menu, and you’ll uncover some treats. The sausage roll, a savory appetizer of pastry-wrapped pork, or Scotch eggs, deep-fried sausage-wrapped eggs, are tasty alternatives to the usual bar fare. The curry is warmly spiced and satisfying—served with chips, it’s the perfect bar snack. The huge Lion’s Pretzel is baked golden and delicious. With so many things to try, you’ll have to make several trips…not a bad thing in my book.” – Lisa A. Kortebein


“College or pro baseball, basketball, football and football, pardon me, soccer. The Three Lions is your place for sports. The camaraderie abounds during Packer games; you’ll cheer like you’re at Lambeau. Better yet, head on in for a soccer match. Watching a sports fixture here is not to be missed—fan or not; you’ll find plenty of folks around to explain the nuances of the game. There’s really nothing quite like it, especially championship games. You’ll find a good beer selection that’s anything but conventional, friendly staff and good food. Stop in for a pint and stay for a match.” – Lisa A. Kortebein